A Brand’s Guide Book To Acing 2022

January 2nd, 2022
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It’s that time of the year again where we deduce, analyse and plan the next year and all that we aim to achieve. This is not only important for us people but brands as well. There are numerous trends taking up centre stage on a digital platform worldwide. From the constant and ever-changing algorithm of Instagram, to the new and dominant updates on various platforms, Digital Marketing is a tool every brand needs to bop to the top.

Keeping this in mind, let’s dive into what brands must keep in mind while coming up with campaigns that hit the mark and leave an impact.

  • Revisit Your 2021 Goals
    Before you move ahead with the new year, you should check out from your brand's to-achieve list everything accomplished.
    — Has my brand achieved all that it worked for this year
     — If not, why
    — (If something took a downfall) What went wrong, and how can I make necessary changes?
    What should my next step be?
  • Video Will Always Be Favoured
    Creating video content was, is, and will remain the biggest way to get information across and communicate with your audience. It is important that brands show morality and emotion in their videos. Keeping in mind the effects of COVID-19, creating videos with emotion and humour is of substance. Yes. The emotional route may be a little “played out” but not if portrayed well with the right story and mood. Adding a little laughter may also be a good way to get your audience to  associate the video with your brand.
  • Virtual Events Are The Need Of The Hour
     With Covid-19 taking a toll on our daily life, social media is a great way to communicate, interact and talk freely without restraint about your brand. There is also a need of the hour to invest more on online events. This not only draws attention to your brand but also gets your audience to understand your brand, language, and product. Online events like contests are a great way to garner the necessary attention for your brand. It is imperative that you always have a plan B for any route you decide to take. A fallback plan will always keep you ready for any mishap.
  • Influencer Marketing Will Boom
    What used to be looked at as a small means to an end will now be looked at as a major and important aspect of campaigns and marketing. Influencers on social media are on the rise daily and with the niche they create, getting your brand across to the masses will be a piece of cake.  Long gone are the days when small brands sought out influencers for barter collaborations; 2022 is the year marketing is going to bloom with influencer marketing.
  • Pay Attention To Trends
    Every week, a new trend pops up out of the blue and takes over like a storm. Instagram’s reels feature is an excellent way to use trends and fuse them with your brand. Although used by small startups and business currently, looking at results, it is safe to say, it is a very efficient way to get audiences captivated and interested in your brand and all you have to offer.
  • Mobile Optimization Is Everything
    Mobile devices have taken the world by storm with a speed we didn’t anticipate. That being said, it would be wrong to ignore how people have moved from accessing e-commerce sites on their laptops to their phone for an “on-the-go” experience. More than half of website traffic comes from mobile sites; that is an indication for brands to take their shopping experience to screens that are easily portable. Gen Z and millennials are ones that draw in more revenue and have caused a hike in the trend of online shopping. In a fast-paced industry, giving the audience an easily accessible and portable is vital for optimized digital marketing.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Be All The Rage
    Imagine viewing your favourite brands in Facebook's 360° view, that is virtual reality. People will be able to see their preferred item with an all-round view. Ever thought of visualising an entire place with the help of an app? That’s what IKEA did with AR and helped customers design their entire living space sitting at home.
    Integrating this with your brands could change the game and lead to sales, website activity and boost your SEO.

 Some trends come and go, the idea is for your brand to say.  When you start to plan the year for your brand, take a moment to ponder the result, focus on the goal and ask yourself the most important question — What does my audience want?