Is Quora Important for Digital Marketing in 2022?

December 5th, 2021
Importance of Quora for digital marketing blog stock image 1

Quora certainly has a clear edge over other question and answer forums only because of its highly monitored content. User profiles are rigidly verified, and the content is continuously checked for quality and relevance. By gradually building your brand’s presence on Quora, you can increase awareness of your brand, divert traffic to your site and even generate genuine leads from prospects.

In 2022, Quora is all the more important and relevant for your brand’s digital marketing services for the following reasons:

  • It helps your prospects discover and connect with your brand

Quora gives your brand an excellent opportunity to engage in meaningful digital conversations with your prospects and position your brand as an expert and thought leader in your respective field. When you share descriptive and informative answers to questions users pose regarding your product or service category, you will instantly increase the credibility of your brand and users will search for your answer to questions whose answers they are searching for.

  • It improves search result ranking of your brand

Google attached immense important to answers posted on Quora and gives them priority inclusion in their search result as relevant answers to the questions entered by users as their search query. This makes Quora an important tool for driving valuable organic traffic to your website and receiving potential customers who are interested in your product or service. You should frame your answers keeping the most frequently search keywords and key phrases to optimise the answer for SEO.

  • It Helps You Find Crucial Influencers

Influencer Marketing is a component of digital marketing that is growing at a scorching pace. Quora has identified persons across all product and service categories as “key contributors” who regularly answer questions which are informative and helpful to the users. These contributors get maximum view on their answer and strongly influence the opinion of users with respect to the product, service, or even brand. You should connect directly with these established authorities and engage them as influencers for your brand.

  • It helps your brand by amplifying the content marketing activity

You’re doing a great job of creating and promoting unique content across all digital platforms of your brand like website, social media, blogs, white papers etc. What if we tell you that Quora is one of the best platforms to amplify your content. Create interest with your answer and then, in a subtle way, persuade your prospects reading the answer to visit the website or blog for a more detailed answer.

  • It helps you get relevant and recent topics for your blog

In most of your blog posts, you are actually answering questions, right? Then Quora is the perfect platform to discover as to what type of questions your prospects are expecting to be answered in the blog. Why not make your brand the solution to the questions which most of the users on Quora are asking? At the end of the answer, you should link the blog post which is written as a detailed content piece as an answer to the same question.