Navigating Facebook Advertising: Pitfalls and Solutions

December 19th, 2023
Disadvantages of Facebook Marketing blog stock image 1

Well, every digital engagement platform does have some disadvantages, which can be tackled, not “cured”, and Facebook is no exception. While there is no doubt that Facebook helps businesses of all scale connect with their prospects with probably the highest level of multiple targeting options, there are some challenges which advertisers face while advertising on this mega social network.

  • Diminishing Organic Reach

The good old days when brands rode on the “organic reach” that Facebook gave them are well and truly over. Unless the brand does not begin promoting the content on their Facebook page, the algorithm severely restricts the reach of the creative to just a handful of the potential audience. The solution to this is investing in sponsored posts and Facebook ads on a small scale, and then gradually increasing the budget based on the response. If you want your marketing messages to be seen by your prospects, you need to mark out a sizeable budget for achieving the desired reach, engagement, and conversion.

  • Some Metrics Are Misreported

Facebook has been criticized over the years for reporting metrics that aren’t always correct. There have been issues of over reporting or inflating simple metrics which only favour Facebook. Advertisers can cross-verify with the analytics of the landing destinations of all the promotion done on Facebook.

  • Fake Profiles Are An Issue

When brands advertise on Facebook on a CPM or cost per impressions model, they could be advertising to some fake profiles as a small percentage of the total profiles reached. One solution to this is to advertise on a CPC, or cost per click, model so that you pay only when someone clicks on the link in your post or ad.

To conclude, you should carefully assess the upsides and downsides of advertising on Facebook before beginning the campaign.