Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

February 27th, 2022
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As a digital marketer, it is important that you know what mistakes you should avoid for ensuring that your business stays competitive and keeps continuously generating profits and successfully meets all set goals..

Underutilizing Data Analysis

It’s a proven fact that the digital world is now truly driven by data. Businesses regularly analyse the data they keep on collecting and optimise their digital marketing efforts for meeting the campaign objective. If you don’t utilise this valuable real time data to it’s fully potential, your business will surely lose out to the immense benefits, which will result in loss of competitive advantage and significantly affect the bottom line.

Not leveraging Automation

What was once considered as science fiction is now a normal part of our daily lives. AI assistants helping us breeze through the day, Chatbots that mimic human behaviour, Voice technology that powers smart home and office automation, have all happened due to the advancements in technology. To a large extent, digital marketing can surely benefit from the power of automation. The automatic bidding for ads across social media and digital platforms sharpens the response of the campaign in terms of both, effectiveness and cost. Deploying Chatbots on website to engage prospects with answers to their questions and persuading them to share their contact data after this interaction, can significantly improve the quality of leads and lead to a higher conversion rate.

Not optimizing content for mobile devices

Smartphones have dramatically changed the way people consume social and digital media, interact personally and professionally, entertainment themselves, order food, make payments and do business. It is estimated that over 90% of consumers worldwide access the internet exclusively on their mobile hand held devices. If your business is not suitably optimised for smart mobile phones and tablets, it will not be discoverable by your prospects, which will result in loss of revenue and enable your competitors to reach, engage and convert your customers. 

Not Optimizing for Voice Search

In 2021, almost half of  all web searches were made using only voice commands. Along with optimising your website for mobile friendliness, you should also optimise your website content for being voice-search friendly. You can do this by uploading crisp audio content which delivers the searched information in an interesting manner,  by responding to the voice search query with voice itself, and not the regular text.

Not focusing on Content Marketing

Content Marketing enables you to engage your prospects better across the social and digital media landscape, as compared to the regular ads which users have learnt to recognise and avoid. Through content marketing, you can help solve the problems of your prospects and help them with genuine advice on issues related to your product category. Content Marketing follows the golden rule of “first tell, then sell”, and enables better SEO through intelligently curated unique and relevant content on your website, blog and brand related content destination.

Avoiding Video Marketing

Long format slice-of-life videos which emotionally engage your prospects for a couple of minutes before revealing the brand and proposition, are gaining immense traction as a significant digital marketing tool. The longer you engage your prospects with straight-from-the-heart video content, the more motivated they will be to consider making your brand a part of their lives, thereby increasing your sales and improving your bottom line.