What is AI’s Effect on Digital Marketing?

January 16th, 2024
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AI in overall Marketing

AI is certainly transforming the world of communication and business, with its complex algorithms and precise predictive analytics, which converts information about consumer behaviour into critical and valuable business intelligence. AI in marketing is yielding multiple benefits to companies of all sizes worldwide, by effectively streamlining marketing functions, optimizing advertising campaigns, and personalizing customer experiences.

AI in Digital Marketing

AI plays an important role in digital marketing by dynamically optimizing search, social and display campaigns in real time, which almost eliminates the risk of human error. Of course, human skill and intelligence is required to set up the campaign, after which the AI takes over and keeps optimising the campaign by interpreting campaign reports and analytics in real time.

Content Creation & Curation

Content Marketing is at the heart of Digital Marketing, which is why continuously creating, promoting and optimising content across different properties like websites, microsites, blogs, social media, videos, infographics, and audio is the core function of a digital marketer. Fresh and unique content plays an important role in optimising search results for keywords and key phrases which define the brand’s premise and enable it to gainfully connect and engage prospective customers for the brand’s products and services. AI possesses the capability to instantly curate and generate content as per the data fed into the system. What’s more, it can also determine, in real time, the right users for the content and the best channels for its precise delivery. AI is also used for generating topics for blog articles and even writing the first drafts based on the input of keywords, desired content flow and other parameters.

AI-powered Digital Advertising

Gone are the days when digital marketers had to manually work on setting up, running and optimising digital advertising campaigns. In today’s age, AI powers Programmatic Advertising, which dynamically interprets and utilises multiple complex algorithms along with humongous demographic, psychographic, geographic, and interest targeted data for delivering the digital ads to the respective audience clusters, thus eliminating wastage and optimising the campaign on the parameters of reach, engagement, response and cost, while eliminating ad avoidance to a great extent.

Automated Customer Service

AI powered Chatbots are the biggest game changers in the customer engagement sector. All the possible frequently asked questions are fed into the system, which uses AI to match the answer to the respective question. In addition to this, AI also uses NLP, or Natural Language Processing, to answer other questions outside the purview of FAQs, almost like a human customer service executive. Websites are increasingly deploying Chatbots to profitably engage website visitors by talking them through to the purchase path. What’s more, Chatbots do not any temperament, which is why they are always polite and courteous, attributes which sometimes do lack in their human counterparts.