Why is Digital Marketing Important in Healthcare?

February 20th, 2024
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The pandemic has catapulted the world into a different zone, with businesses and consumers adopting the digital medium as a scorching pace. From shopping for grocery to conducting business meetings online to just about doing any activity, consumers across all categories are using the digital marketing, Along with other sectors, the way healthcare is given and received has also undergone a drastic change, with digital now being the preferred medium for both parties.  All stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, which includes doctors, hospitals, paramedics, pharmacies, and brands in the health insurance space, have accelerated their digital marketing and are leaving no stone unturned in creating the mandatory digital assets and promoting them to a specific targeted audience. One particular area is creating healthcare-specific digital content, in both text and video formats, for engaging their prospects by making them aware of different aspects of healthcare and persuading them to adopt online consulting by highlighting its convenience and cost efficiency.

Here we share seven critical reasons why digital marketing is important in this field.

Increases patient retention

Healthcare professionals should harness the advantage that the medium offers for attracting and retaining patients. This includes creating a dynamic mobile-first website or a progressive online web app, which the patients need not download but can easily access in their browser on their laptop and personal computer. Once the digital healthcare platform is ready, the professionals should regularly promote it on both social and display media, providing valuable healthcare tips and other related content in the form of blogs, following the classic digital mantra of  “first tell, then sell.”

Establishes authority

The primary audience for all business in general, and healthcare in particular, is the audience which is searching for their products and services on leading search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Healthcare professionals should optimise their website and blog content with the most frequently used keywords used by their prospects to search for their services, so that they start appearing in the search result page. When the depth of useful and unique content reaches a level, search engines recognise these websites as the authority in the particular field and gradually begin moving the website higher up in the search result page. It’s important to know that content marketing is the heart of digital marketing and plays a significant role in engaging prospects by making them spend time with the brand proposition, and engagement is the core element of digital marketing. 

Convenience of Telemedicine

The pandemic forced all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to grow physically apart for maintaining social distance norms. This situation led both doctors and patients to seek an online alternative of virtually connecting together, which has actually been a blessing in disguise. Now patients can consult the doctor of their choice in their virtual clinics from the comfort of their home, office or just about anywhere. All they need is a smartphone and a good mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection. Most doctor mobile apps are integrated with a robust and secure online payment mechanism for convenient payment of consulting fees.

Helps in targeting patients with specific conditions

Through targeted digital marketing on social and display media, healthcare professionals can ensure that only those patients that require their treatment are exposed to the ads across social and digital media, through contextual targeting. For example, ophthalmologists can reach out to those interested in eye care, while diabetes experts can fruitfully engage those experiencing the condition. Through remarketing, those prospects who have once searched for a specific term, can be regularly shown the ad wherever they go across the Google display network. This helps create more visibility and ultimately motivates them to click on the ad and visit the advertised healthcare website. Digital marketing tools also help healthcare professionals to maintain a healthy digital relationship with patients by sending them follow-up appointment reminders and also congratulating them on important days of their lives.