Why is Traditional Marketing Better for a Startup Business?

February 13th, 2024
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Why Is Traditional Marketing More Effective for New Firms?

Instead of straight away adopting a fully digital marketing plan for popularising themselves and their products or services, startups should ideally begin their promotion journey with traditional marketing. Along with ensuring an ideal customer experience, traditional marketing helps build a long-lasting relationship with prospective customers. If not more, traditional marketing offers almost as many targeting options as digital marketing.

Traditional marketing proves beneficial for a brand in the initial stages because it assists marketers in facilitating constant engagement with their customers at a comparatively personalised level.

It’s worth stating here that even today, potential customers prefer to pore over a brochure or other printed material which they can leisurely go through to know more about the product or service, at their convenience.

Tangible traditional marketing offers a sense of reliability to your customers about your business and brand. This makes them more favourable towards your brand, as compared to marketers who are using only digital marketing.

The success rate of traditional marketing is more or less equally effective as compared to digital marketing. Not every prospect is inclined to click on your promotional banner on social or display media or read your e-mailer and come to your brand website to know more. There is a lot of distraction in the digital medium, and he or she may prioritise their time to continue connecting with their friends through instant messenger apps.

Most importantly, if your prospects are older people, they will be more comfortable with traditional marketing collateral like brochures, pamphlets, or coffee table books.

If you’re a retail brand and targeting prospects within a 3-5 km radius, it makes more sense to deploy traditional marketing like bus shelters, local newspaper advertising and such.