Trendspotting: Insights into Digital Marketing Evolution

November 29th, 2021
Digital marketing in the next few years blog stock image 1

The digital marketing landscape is changing so dynamically that it’s next to impossible to imagine what digital marketing will offer in the next few years in terms of opportunities.

During the last couple of years, we’ve seen new technologies emerging across all aspects of digital marketing, and it has certainly from its early days to a viable and powerful marketing channel in its own right. This is where we see digital marketing in the next few years.

There are 3 major trends in digital marketing which everyone is talking about. The first trend is the absolute resurgence of Content Marketing as the first thing which businesses are doing to ramp up their digital marketing.

The second trend that is driving digital marketing is AI-generated digital content. We will soon be seeing a lot of AI-driven content marketing in digital marketing.

The third-biggest trend of digital marketing over the next few years will be employee activation. AI will create the content for brands, and this content will be distributed over social and digital media by the employees of companies which own the brands. Every company will devise a strategy to activate these employees as both creators and distributors of the digital content.

Another trend that has already begun and will gather speed in the next few years is that brands will invest more in local “micro-influencers”, i.e. those social media users who have a small but dedicated following and are in a position to deliver believable brands messages to a trusting audience.